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Ekornes Blog Content

Content is king. And all (good) brands are publishers.

Ekornes understands that it’s not enough to sell extremely comfortable, chic furniture — the brand has to help people adopt a stress-free lifestyle. That’s why Ekornes wanted to create its lifestyle blog, the aptly-titled “World’s Most Comfortable Blog.”

With the blog, Ekornes can have an online presence that reflects not only the brand’s sleek Norwegian style but also its stress-free ethos. The blog features content about style, fashion, Norwegian life, physical wellness and more.

I started working on Ekornes’s account in January 2017, while I was a content writing and strategist at the Tombras Group.

I worked with my team at the Tombras Group to come up with blog ideas and create a content calendar. Afterward, I researched the blog’s subject and wrote the content.

We used the blog’s content to produce social media buzz and boost the Norwegian furniture company’s brand awareness in North America.

Check out samples of my Ekornes blog content:

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“Why Giving Feels So Good”

“Balancing Working Remotely with Living Happily”

“Home Theater Ergonomics”