SelecTrucks Brand Manifesto

Brands must have (and express) values.

SelecTrucks, a client of the Tombras Group and a proud Daimler Trucks North America company, is the leader in pre-owned commercial trucks.

I was on the Tombras digital design team that built SelecTrucks’ new website. After we completed the website, we made this brand manifesto video to capture the essence of the brand.

In this video, I situated SelecTrucks as a trusted advisor for owner-operators. The people who work at SelecTrucks aren’t salespeople — they’re consultants. They understand trucks, and they’d rather not sell a truck than sell the wrong truck.

They’re passionate about trucking, and that’s exactly what owner-operators are looking for.

SelecTrucks Manifesto: The Script

Deep inside, everyone has a dream.

It drives us. Every single day. 

It’s in our DNA. 

At SelecTrucks, we’re driven by our customers’ dreams. Providing exceptional used truck solutions and unwavering support for our customers has made us the most sought after business partner in used trucks across North America.

We don’t deal in assumptions or best guesses, because in this business, there is no “one-size-fits-all,” and “good enough” simply isn’t good enough. 

Only we have a time-tested, meticulous used truck retail process that is designed to match you with the right truck, the right warranty and the right financing solution the first time. 

We built our results-oriented process from the ground up, and it demands efficiency. That’s why we get to know you personally, study your business methodically and tailor solutions specifically for your career goals and ambitions.

As the only used truck retailer backed by the legendary strength and reputation of Daimler Trucks North America and Freightliner Trucks, we provide unmatched after-sales support and offer the best used truck warranty in the industry.

It’s not just our job. It’s our passion.

It’s in our DNA.